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Planter with Chunky Tray (Three-Toned)

Planter with Chunky Tray (Three-Toned)

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A small planter that is approximately 3.5" tall and 3.25" across, perfect for small plants, succulents, or cuttings. There is a drainage hole, and the tray is included (though please note: the trays will look more similar to those pictured in the second photo, slightly less "chunky" than that in the first.)

Available in two colorways:
-Primary (where each planter will be glazed in some combination of Bright Red, Bright Yellow, and Sky Blue, like in the first photo)
-Surprise Me (where each planter will be glazed in some unique combination of our 12 glaze colors--Aqua, Bright Yellow, Bright Red, Butter, Emerald, Green Tea, Sky Blue, White, Peach, Orchid, Cantaloupe, and Moss-- as shown in the second photo.)

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